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The Flickering Darkness in the White Room in the underbelly of the Royal Festival Hall / 2 September 2014

Night view of Corabastos, Bogotá showing market traders with large bags of vegetables over their shoulder

Night view of Corabastos, Bogotá. Image © Juan delGado

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Blog by Colin Hambrook

Unlimited kicked off today with slow, measured start. It was a day of watching films and chatting to disabled artists and friends. 

I made sure to see Juan delGado’s Flickering Darkness and decided it was a point in the festival I’d return to a few times during Unlimited at the Southbank Centre.

It’s tucked away in the White Room on the downstairs Spirit Level of the building; an space easy to miss as you have to journey through the Tunnel of Love in the underbelly of the Royal Festival Hall, to find it.

Here, Flickering Darkness has the setting it deserves. I saw the film some years ago but missed the nuances of the composition of what is essentially a complex film installation that gives an artistic flavour to the processes of food production, distribution and consumption in Bogota. 

In a previous interview on Dao, Spanish film-maker Juan delGado said the film sets out to “pose an enigmatic invitation to think about effects and atmospheres.”

On the way to the White Room you cannot miss Lea Cummins Field of Infinite Possibilities - a terrific exhibition of some bright and beautiful coloured drawings, created in the unconscious techniques first pioneered by the Surrealists.

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