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Alyse Garner has been reviewing film for nearly 5 years. Her blog aims to encourage debate and raise interesting questions about images of disability, adding a new dimension to the development of disability arts image analysis.

Alyse Garner reviews oscar-winning film The King's Speech

22 March 2011


colin firth pictured as King George VI, standing in front of a microphone

It has become a well known and rather sarcastic in joke that if your film is about disability then you’re a shoe-in for an Oscar. Just look at past winners; Million Dollar Baby, A Beautiful Mind; and that’s just in the last ten years. 2011’s winner was no different. It was, of course, the British historical drama The King’s Speech, which garnered four Oscars at the 83rd Academy Awards. From the perspective of a disabled person this long list of impaired winners should be...

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