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The end of an era / 27 September 2011

old black and white photo of a woman holding a baby

Aunty Annie with cousin Annette over 40 years ago.

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‘It’s the end of an era!’ I’ve heard it said a number of times in my lifetime. It was one of the last things my friend Brendan said to me before he went back home to die. I heard it again recently at a Creative Arts East event to say farewell to a key figure in the arts in Norfolk. Meeting old friends felt like putting on some long lost, well loved gloves. The warmth was still there.

Writing has been slow over the summer, too many children in the house. I lost my Great Aunty Annie in June and although she was a good age, it was a shock. Strong women like her just seem to last forever.

She had lived with her impairment all her life yet it didn’t seem to stop her at all. I hope that’s where I get my strength from because I really need it right now.

A new era has started for me, as I shake off the past and move towards the future… September has always been a my month for new beginnings…..

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