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Sharing Cultures: Disability and Visibility © Anne Teahan

The artists featured below, originally came together after being chosen from a large international entry, to exhibit in ‘Revealing Culture’, at the Smithsonian’s International Gallery, in Washington DC in 2010. The exhibition was part of a huge International Festival of Art and Disability organized by VSA Arts and hosted by the Kennedy Centre and the Smithsonian Institution.

Many of these artists are based in the US, one from Guatemala and one from Azerbaijan – all have been happy to share their work with a British audience. Many have also shared their thoughts about their creativity and disability through a fascinating set of questionnaires published on DAO, as part of Anne Teahan's research Sharing Cultures: Disability and Visibility

Four of these artists have talked in depth about their approach to making art through in-depth interviews: two are British, two are American and offer contrasting perspectives.

Please explore some stunning work, which covers the full range of contemporary practice from painting to video. And explore links to the questions, interviews and artists’ websites.