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Getting back to normal / 23 September 2012

Now that euphoria of the Paralympics, and the more subdued excitement of Unlimited, have gone away, I'm looking back and trying to see it all for what it was.

What was it?

Did Channel 4 achieve the predicted paroxysmic shift in society's attitude to disability? Or was it ephemera on a grand scale,   a blip in which disability became temporarily interesting?

Who knows?

Winning is a transitory state. Disability is (usually) permanent. Medals, I’m guessing, can’t be exchanged for goods or services.

Not that it wasn’t fun, even for me, a mere spectator.

I spent one very happy weekend stationed at the Royal Festival Hall trundling around with my laptop, scooting from Unlimited gig to Unlimited gig, screeching to momentary pitstops to blog my reflections and beam them back to DAO base.

The highlights of Unlimited were Sue Austin and her underwater wheelchair, and Johnny Crescendo reminding us to be proud, angry and strong, and to keep fighting for choices and rights.

Another weekend saw me sprawled on the sofa, morning, noon and night, transfixed by the increasingly cool Ade Adepetan. David Weir was weirdly wonderful, and Oscar Pistorius was modestly victorious.

Then what?
Then it was back to cleaning the toilet and boiling beetroot.
What else?

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