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Assisted dying - two poems I wrote earlier / 16 January 2015

Not Dead Yet campaign poster 2015

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Poem 1

Retirement in Abingdon UK
isn’t like in Oregon USA

here we get assistance
to live with independence

there the doctors help you 
toss your controversial life away
on the dubious basis that pain
removes your ability
to die with dignity

on google and yahoo
the issue
is in no way similar
to euthanasia

for when suffering is terminal
and someone kindly kills you
say thank you
and smile
as they put down the lid on you

your shoes soon filled 
by someone youthful
someone who’s useful


Poem 2

Terrified by Falconer
I would bring in Bill
who’s not dead yet
if living is better

forget about ageing
in the paradox of place
they may not be able to keep him
in a landmark case