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Our Tales Unveiled: Worth writing and fighting for / 7 June 2015

Over the last three months I did three Our Tales Unveiled workshops at Salisbury Arts Centre. These began with an excellent performance earlier involving Penny Pepper and Liz Porter. Penny's a writer; Liz is a story teller and singer.

In Liz's workshop I reluctantly 'performed' a story about Clara who crochets a lot. This was based on someone I know (not me). I haven't asked 'Clara' if I can use her words so am uneasy about going public until I have her permission.

Penny gave us writing exercises on the theme of 'Worth Fighting For'. We picked post-it notes at random. Mine had the word 'freedom' written on it.

I started writing by means of mind maps. Penny said it's a good idea sometimes to write in opposites.

I quickly wrote this (unfinished) poem. It's based in part on my childhood experience (11 years) of institutionalisation in a hospital/school (Chailey Heritage).


the world is not about me
it gets on fine without me
doesn't know me
doesn't need me
doesn't miss me
in this place where
I can't see my face though
I know I'm here I think
I'm here though
I can't be sure
to test my case I send my
on a wild
chase in time
to race
like Blake's angel striding
among the stars from heaven
to Mars over
sea and mountain and desert
and forest to find
out where
is where
to know what
is out there to see who