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Worth Fighting For: The Rehearsal / 26 June 2015

I've taken part in two writing/performing workshops run by Link Up Arts at Salisbury Arts Centre, as mentioned in my last-but-one blog.

As a result and by way of follow up, I was invited to take part in Salisbury Arts Centre's Homegrown Performance showcase event this coming Wednesday 1st July. We had our first rehearsal this week; it seemed to go well. I wasn't nervous then, but I am now, and I will be on the day.

The showcase consists of the Homegrown exhibition as well as taster performances of dance, new writing and film arising from Salisbury Arts Centre workshops, on the theme of 'Worth Fighting For'? 

I doubt anyone will like my poems but I don't mind. I'm just pleased to have been given an opportunity to do stuff with other creative disabled people.

Performing takes me out of my normal (dis)comfort zone and puts me into another more interesting one.

I'll be reading three short poems, all with a disability rights theme. Here's one (a flarf poem) I won't be doing:

Bill is not dead yet
Terrified by Falconer
I would bring in Bill
who’s not dead yet
if living is better
forget about ageing
in the paradox of place
they may not be able to keep him
in a landmark case.