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I'm an inconsistent artist, hugely distracted by life. I create in a variety of media including words, pictures, food and laundry. I do it because I can't seem to not. Sometimes it's fun.

Where am I? The clue is in the picture.

25 June 2012


Bull drawing. Charcoal and chinese ink. 10 x 10 cms

Not for the first time, I’ve been showing a lack of commitment, blowing hot and cold. This time it’s art and disability politics where I am conspicuous by lack of appearance. Reading other peoples news, reviews and points of view, I think, I wasn’t there (again). Why does this keep happening (if it does)? Am I any different (worse or better) from anyone else? Basically, I’m wondering if there is something wrong; with me.  Or maybe it is that my life is too damn...

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