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I'm an inconsistent artist, hugely distracted by life. I create in a variety of media including words, pictures, food and laundry. I do it because I can't seem to not. Sometimes it's fun.

200 words of text and a picture. They go together.

8 August 2012


Drawing of a jumble of everyday objects on a coffee table.

This is what days are like when the air is too hot for sleep and too dry to be tired. Tidying up is for other people, happy types with ordered lives, traditional values and smart goals; winners in the race against hopelessness. Life is unfinished. My hair gets brushed once a day if it’s lucky. Finding the brush is the least of my worries. The bedside cabinet drawer is falling apart. I have a tool box. What happened? Those sunshine dreams turned into nightmares (in the pouring rain) which...

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