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Return to digital. / 6 February 2012

It has been my aim to get Con.text online, not as a downloadable PDF (although that is good too), but as an instantly visible artwork and this week I have been happily distracted from my drawing by the chance to work on putting Con.text on DAO.
Actually I do enjoy working with the computer, and taking a break between words, I do not resist Photoshop for long. My retreat from the digital doesn't last. I might dither, I might hide, actually I might be addicted; I do wish I could do more.
With Con.text the shape of the work is important so some of the lines, indeed some of the letters, require individual attention. I have been surprised to notice inconsistencies that I was happy to ignore in the print version, but find very annoying on screen, so a little rewriting has been called for.
And since the layout is not left-aligned, it will need an audio version instead of the screen reader. I don't much like the sound of my own voice, but it is a privilege to be able to read ones own work and I do enjoy doing it.

To be or not to be.
The dither, the public dither,
implies some kind of brain
activity. To dither is
human. We have the tools
to wait on emotional choice
without the freeze or crash
that incapacitates our heirs,
the virtual children,
digital descendants who hold
the database of our existence.

Keywords: digital art,poetry,words,dithering