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Kaite O'Reilly is an award-winning playwright and a recipient of two Cultural Olympiad Commissions. She blogs about writing and the process of writing with a focus on four forthcoming productions, which revolve around disability issues.

Rosaleen McDonagh discusses her new play Mainstream and the challenges of casting and performance

14 March 2012


Photo of Rosaleen McDonagh smiling at the camera

My friend and mentee the playwright Rosaleen McDonagh sent me this link to her article in this month's Irish Theatre Magazine, which I have put on my blog. She talks about "cripping-up" and quotes me, giving some insight into the Irish context, which I think is fascinating (especially as I edited Face On: Disability Arts in Ireland and Beyond' - featuring Rosaleen - some years ago). -- Rosaleen McDonagh discusses her new play 'Mainstream' and the challenges of casting...

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