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Kaite O'Reilly is an award-winning playwright and a recipient of two Cultural Olympiad Commissions. She blogs about writing and the process of writing with a focus on four forthcoming productions, which revolve around disability issues.

Kaite O'Reilly reports on the final week of rehearsals for 'In Water I’m Weightless' with National Theatre Wales

21 July 2012


photo of actor mat fraser wearing a red t-shirt as he records audio-desciption for In Water I'm Weightless

It is, I think, a most peculiar way to make a living. No two days are the same and my working life at the moment is of such a surreal quality, normally loquacious taxi drivers are silent as I outline the activity…. ‘Today at work I’m observing slow motion filming of water being poured onto various parts of various actors’ bodies…’ Still, that’s probably nothing compared to what Jacob probably said when he got home for tea that night (‘Well, I...

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