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Gallery: selection of Mike Fryer's acrylics

Landscape painter Mike Fryer describes his painting process

My method in landscape painting is to simplify form and to harmonise colour over the flat surface. The observed colour of objects may be changed or heightened and the harmony is created by the careful placement of complementary and contrasting colours. The use and juxtaposition of colour are of prime importance in my work with the effect of subordinating representational elements.

All works in this gallery are acrylic on canvas. My abstract work includes a method of painting I have been developing called 'abstract graphism', whereby a written text or emotion is represented by graphical and colour elements that can be 'read' to discover the underlying meaning. I have also been exploring the fusion of landscape with abstraction.

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For sales, please direct your enquiries to my agent Abbie Cooke of Gig-Arts Ltd.
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