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Write A Poem for Me / 31 January 2012

A representation of the me that you are writing this poem for

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Richard Downes gives you the opportunity to represent yourselves at a festival, talk about yourself, talk about our people, make a poem by simply adding lines. Are you up for it? Can you do it? Will you do it?

According to Jim Morrison, with an echo and a roar, 'Out here in the perimeter we are stoned immaculate'.

I am curating a festival starting 1st September and I want to be as inclusive as i can be. So i want you all to put a line down to show what we are, who we are, why we are, whatever are.

I think Jim was commenting on the fate of young rock n rollers who had a different take on the society that they lived around but were largely excluded from because of their age, their energy, their proclivities, foibles, hair, haristyles. clothes sense, preferences whatsoever . I think stoned immaculate was his description of this.

An idea about the disability movement is we are so diverse and different from one another that we cannot meet, we don't know how to talk to each other and we don't know how to coalesce around a shared idea. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with this myself and have seen plenty of evidence to the contrary this poem which will also be sourced thorugh facebook, is an opportunity to meet, talk, share and to develop ideas.

Imagine we are 'out here in the perimeter', what else are we? what else can we be, who are we, why are we, whatever, we...... are you ready..... can you put down a line.... what goes next......, please add to this

Out here in the perimeter we......