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The Revolution Starts Here - Just As It Started There Before / 18 July 2012

Can I get something off my chest please.

I just don't like the sub heading being used by the Southbank to push Unlimited. I don't like it so much my mind refuses to capture it but I think its; "The Revelation Starts Here...".

I don't like it because it sounds a little bit holy moly for my taste. Its biblical man.

Anybody else here remember the campaigns against Maurice Cerrulo and the like. Healers. Pah!!! It strikes me as being almost anti disabled people.

And this is so sad and I'll tell you why.

Its taken from a quote which is on the wall of the Spirit Level (Royal Festival Hall). It says something like; The revelation starts here.... we want a fully inclusive society for everyone.

That's real good. That's better. That fits. Makes sense to me.

The revelation is now clear. When we say we want a better world for disabled people we are saying we want a better world for everyone.


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