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Katherine Arianello's Sick / 13 September 2012


Follow the link to Sick to get good earthy you tube exposure to Katherrine Arianello - a video that she feels is on the edge, a video that she feels some discomfort with, a video that gives a message that may be misunderstood by some. A mighty risk.

'I am sick. I am disabled'. on the one hand we operate in a culture that seeks to minimise the impact of out impairments on ourselves. On the other we collectively celebrate our difference without necessarilly understanding what that difference is. 

Katherine highlights aspects of her own diversity here. This might appal some. Though why it would is beyond me.

For me the joy here is in spite of being Sick there is a deep well of humour that is best seen by her wheels spinning around in a hospital corridor whilst the text calls for fun and dancing.


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