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My Bed - A Thought Provoked by Trish Wheatley's Description of Liz Crow's Forthcoming Exhibition / 9 October 2012

I always enjoyed my bed
The time that I spent there.
Ill or not
There was a time it was central
Located near everything
The Tea Pot
The records
The player
Adornments of a life
In Bedsit land
People would come visit
Sit around the bed
The bed that I would stay in
Two friends
Left me there one night
and let me sleep
before leaving
I felt blessed by their kindness
But my bed has
a longer history than that
For many years it was just
a staging post
between falling asleep
and working
Short hours spent there then
A place for different company
More than friends
I love my bed again
now when not working
But the location is less central
Further away
from the tea pot and the records and the player
Adornments of a life
that has changed
taken on different significance
and fall
My bed
keeps me warm
keeps me safe
enables care
and caring
for my love
who loves
my bed
we share

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