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EMPOWERMENT / 10 October 2012

photo of a protestor pictured holding up a placard

If you don't know now; know soon.

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Once upon a time on a wode tip at Shepherds Bush Empire, Arch Drude Julian Cope said; "The most empowering thing I ever heard was you know". And you know what? After a moments reflection - I did. I know. What? Everything. When? Now. Where? Everywhere. How so? Just so. There is no need for me to ask because I know.

Watching Magical Mystery Tour, the arena show, on BBC TV IPlayer I caught sight of the attached manipulated image. It has someone carrying a placard in front of a policeman and it reads "You Don't Know". But I do. So who doesn't? Someone doesn't and i'm fingering that someone as you, the public, and you, the establishment. And what you don't know is very important. I know it so; why don't you?

And what is that something that I know. I know what it is to be a disabled person. I know what its like to  live in a culture of your threats Mr Politician and your stupidity Mrs Public. It alarms me to the point of death that you don't know what is going on, that you haven't understood what your discrimination is all about,that you won't be responsible for  it, that you have ignored and reneged on our rights, that the lessons we have taught you in history haven't stuck and I know in the face of this long time cultural oppression that the paralympics have not made a jot of difference.

And so it is that i write this note called empowerment, because you're not giving it. You only give disempowerment and that is where my responsibility stops for now.

What are you going to do about it. I know. You don't Know. Think about it.

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