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Today from the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) / 6 November 2012

Today at the Indigo Bridge project, having travelled past Paralympic Park, Haseeb is mocking the cost of the tower ride. He tells me about a part time cabbie on LBC, fallen Afghan hero, failing his Work Capacity Assessment and talks up his grand pap who was never fond of bonfire night, having fought for his country decades back he still cowers at every banger - every rocket sees him looking for his helmet. Most days he's ok though - just grand dad. Later i find myself at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG).

Today from the NPG
I see
standing tall
Looking over Parliament

Today, I look again
I see
standing tall
Looking down on Parliament
Cursing ATOS
his one, one, one, stature
fails his WCA
Benefits are PROTECTION
Not me
Not now
Not here

Keywords: atos,benefits,national portrait gallery,nelson,wca,work capacity assessment