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Another Begging Letter in the Post Today / 16 October 2015

Now listen up Sweep. I need your ears

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I got another begging letter from the Alzheimer's Society today. I can't remember how many that is now. But they clearly won't take no reply for a no. I was going to say indifference for a no there because when these things arrive I am usually indifferent to the causes they say they support, and having had once scanned them for negative imagery it's normally into the bin for them.

This time though I didn't even bother reading the letter except for the new post script that says we're sorry (as if) if this letter has reached you at a bad time. Maybe they should have said we're sorry that we're indifferent to sending you this letter regardless of the time it is for you as we really don't care when or when we crash into your lives and ask you for a penny to a pound or more.

Reminds me actually. I passed a woman on the streets yesterday who was asking for money and I met her with a sorry. She told me that I wasn't and I quickly reflected that indeed I wasn't. My politeness hadn't cost me anything. I gave it for free. But she could see right through it. The thoughts are still with me today and I wonder about the value of an apology if it arrives without another more foreboding stranger.

Anyway back to the letter, the envelop to which sits staunchly on my desk declaring 'A million people will soon be affected by dementia - they need answers'. Possible pause for negative imagery moment. "And it could be you". Back in real time now. I started shredding it. Not all of it. Just the bit with my name and address. I won't be getting in touch with them but I don't want anybody else to have it but they can of cause sell it on. I'm not sure why i turned over the page but I did and then I noticed they had sent a direct debit instruction to the bank and had very kindly filled it with my name and address. So, of cause that mean't more shredding and of cause charidees have probably been doing this for ages and I've only just cottoned on but this is really bugging me now.

Fortunately sometimes when feeling blue I leave the tele on. And would you Adam and Eve it only last night Watchdog were promoting the Telephone Preference Service. Now i know that won't stop the post but hopefully it will stop the calls. I can switch off the telefons so all that's left now is those chuggers on the street.