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I once wrote for life now I write in life. I'm looking forward to developing a blog presence with personality for DAO whilst delivering comment, reviews, photos and views on disability and how it's represented.

New Project - Would Love Some Opinions

12 December 2014


I met Neale a good 30 years ago, I was runing a community darkroom. He came in and said he wanted to be the best photographer in the world and he wanted me to teach him all I knew. That took about 6 weeks and he was soon better than me. I continued to give him space and time. He became stylised and constantly went in search of beauty. Our ideas on that were very different. A tory recession hit the country and the darkroom closed. We went our separate ways but we stayed in touch and...

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Mother and Wheelchair User Reunion

8 December 2014


photo of a wheelchair-user getting on a bus

 Following on from today’s ruling ( ) I was moved to do something arty, but nothing would come and then I remembered Paul Simon’s 'Mother and Child Reunion' and wondered what it said. Seemed to me if I changed very few words I could come up with something portentous. No I would not give you false hope On this strange and mournful day But the mother and wheelchair user reunion Is only a bus stop away Oh, little crippie...

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