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I once wrote for life now I write in life. I'm looking forward to developing a blog presence with personality for DAO whilst delivering comment, reviews, photos and views on disability and how it's represented.

Trudell's Gone To Mama

12 December 2015


Trudell's gone to mama He'll meet her in the sky Trudell's gone to mama He knows the reason why   Trudell's gone to Mama I never heard him cry Trudell's gone to Mama His ideas won't die   Sorry about the words. I just wanted to say something. I knew John Trudell in sound. He only lived in sound. For me that is. For others John Trudell breathed love. John Trudell breathed fire. I'd heard the name John Trudell. Not in sound. I never heard the name in sound. I...

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A proper right winger

8 December 2015


Today, in history, John Lennon was murdered. I'm wondering now we're bombing Syria if Give Peace A Chance has been removed from the Beeb's playlist as it was when we went into Iraq along with any other peace song. Last night in my history for the first time I watched Gerard Deulofeu play for Everton for 90 minutes. A proper right winger. Everton, the toffee men. Almost got themselves into a sticky mess. In spite of having a proper right winger. Like a proper right winger he...

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News from a Die-In for the dying

4 December 2015


Blast! Just when I committed to life Parliament decides to take a vote on air strikes. Blast! Just when I’m gettting on with living I’ve got to go off to a die in. Blast! Parliament  Square. December 2nd. A pathetic tranche of resistors move to a penned-off part of the road, at no one’s inconvenience, to lie down, act dead and yet somehow find the breath to chant ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’. I’ve got my legs bent and pointing towards Bean...

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