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Rockinpaddy (John Kelly) introduces himself to DAO readers. A musician, facilitator and vocalist who will be singing in Graeae’s latest production Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Rockinpaddy introduces himself as lead vocal in Graeae’s new production Reasons To Be Cheerful.

12 August 2010


photo of singer at piano in front of mike

Oi Oi! And thanks to DAO for inviting me to join the prestigious band of bloggers. To be honest I’m a little over-awed by it. As a reader of DAO I’m an admirer of many of the featured artists and now I’m blogging here too. I’m a musician/singer and have been gigging since a wee lad. I grew up surrounded by music heavily influenced by the proud Irish roots of my family. That Irish passion for music and enjoying the craic has stayed with me throughout and is evident in my...

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