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Gallery: Russell Jones presents Unleashed

Unleashed - an exhibition of paintings by Russell Jones

Russ Jones Unleashed Russ Jones Unleashed

Russ Jones Unleashed

Image: Russ Jones Unleashed

Dao is delighted to present a gallery selection of paintings from Unleashed an exhibition of Russell Jones work shown by Creative Future at Brighton Media Centre Gallery from 20 - 31 July 2009.

Russell Jones studied Art at Swansea Art College, and had his first one man show of acrylic paintings, pen and ink drawings and celtic designs in Cardiff in 1986. After another solo exhibition in Stuttgart he returned to England where his work flourished.

After a one man show in Berlin in 1995, he returned to England disillusioned after a debacle and subsequently suffered a massive nervous break down. After hospitalisation he attended a mental health day centre where he started painting and working in ceramic.

In the following couple of years Russell Jones exhibited in the Brighton Arts festivals. In 2007 he began a positive association with Creative Future who have continued to support him. He exhibited prints in Creative Futures' 'The Tight Modern' exhibition on Brighton’s sea front.

Russell Jones continues to paint although, through chronic depression and schizophrenia, he often finds it difficult to work creatively. In 2007 Russell published 'Preswylfa and East of the Astra' and 'Brazen Bob of Billow' with online mental health publisher Chipmunka. His third book is nearing completion.

Russell Jones influences come from many different sources ranging from the Surrealists, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Ramedios Varo, Francis Bacon, Ernst Fuchs, Bob Vanosa, H.R Giger and others. His aspirations are to keep working and exhibiting and to eventually publish a book of his Paintings. Russell Jones AKA Ronelly continues to be creative, if it’s not painting or writing or composing music, experimentally or otherwise.

Framed prints of Russell Jones work are available at £60 each. Anyone interested please contact Simon from Creative Future on

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