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Sam Jacobs is an award winning Scenographer/ Choreographer/ Director/ Writer and Consultant with over 50 years experience. At 65, after becoming physically disabled, he retrained as a Choreographer. He is also Artistic Director of Found Reality Dance Theatre Company - an integrated, disabled and non-disabled performance company which specializes in training for performance by making performance.

Doing the Laban Walk or Cripping the Light Fantastic

2 March 2012


photo of the backs of a group of four men. two are dressed in suits and two show their bottoms

Laban told me when I applied to train on their Masters Degree in Choreography  that my physical disability would not hamper training  because "Contemporary choreographers don't use their bodies”. During what became  an examination of  esoteric  practices in conceptual  performance making, almost all the practitioners brought in to 'show' us how they made work didn't make any Choreography anyway.  The same lecturer answered my fellow...

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