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As well as being the director of DAO, Trish is also the project manager and co-producer for Freewheeling, the organisation producing Sue Austin's Unlimited commission 'Creating the Spectacle!' Here she blogs about her experiences of this ambitious, underwater wheelchair project.

Trish jets off to Egypt with Sue Austin

19 March 2013


Orange sunset taken over silhouetted desert from airplane

It's been 7 months since 'Creating the Spectacle!' was featured as part of the Unlimited Festival at London's Southbank Centre. It's about time I gave an update on what's been happening with Sue Austin and the Freewheeling team, rest assured we have not been idle. Sue returned to her MA at Plymouth University in early September without a break having received so much international press and media interest in 'Creating the Spectacle!'. We set aside the Autumn to...

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Sue Austin makes a splash in Weymouth

5 August 2011


I work part-time for DAO three days per week. The other two working days are occupied with Freewheeling, the artist-led initiative that Sue Austin and I have developed over the last year. Freewheeling’s current project is an ambitious one to say the least! We are bringing Sue’s concept of a self-propelled underwater wheelchair alive through a series of filmed and live performances for the Cultural Olympiad in Weymouth.  Thanks to Arts Council South West’s innovative...

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Trish Wheately, DAOs new director introduces herself

22 July 2011


photo of trish wheatley

I’m a Dorset girl through and through. I was born here and am based here. It was here that I was introduced to Disability Arts in fantastic fashion, as a then recent photography graduate from art school in Wales, when I landed a job at Holton Lee in 2005. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. I had the chance to meet many disabled artists through curating the contemporary arts programme, working intensely to develop the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive,...

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