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An open invitation to all artists, writers and disability arts commentators! / 24 November 2011

We are currently planning a funding bid. At the core of what we want to do is to commission a mixture of creative and journalistic responses to the cultural activities during the whole of 2012.

We aim to work closely, in partnership with some key arts organisations and festivals across the country. At the heart of the activity we want to embed artists / writers in residence to respond creatively to events and programmes happening within those organisations.

We are open for all ideas at this stage. The more creative the better! We want to receive expressions of interest from anyone, whether you are an artist, writer, arts professional or arts lover - disabled or non-disabled. Before contacting me please have a think about what you want to do, who you want to work with and how much it's going to cost?

If you are reading this as an employee of an arts organisation and are interested in working with a DAO artist / writer to extend your reach in a creative way, then you are equally welcome to respond to this call-out.

Anyone wishing to discuss this further should contact me on 07766760980 (text or phone) or e-mail


richard downes

14 February 2012

hi trish are you going to be at the next session at shape on the 20th.

i would like to talk more to you about my idea for festival space i am curating