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Trish jets off to Egypt with Sue Austin / 19 March 2013

Orange sunset taken over silhouetted desert from airplane

Sunset over the desert as we approach Sharm

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It's been 7 months since 'Creating the Spectacle!' was featured as part of the Unlimited Festival at London's Southbank Centre. It's about time I gave an update on what's been happening with Sue Austin and the Freewheeling team, rest assured we have not been idle.

Sue returned to her MA at Plymouth University in early September without a break having received so much international press and media interest in 'Creating the Spectacle!'. We set aside the Autumn to recover, I continued to work with Sue at Plymouth for a few weeks then took almost a complete break to catch up on work for DAO over the winter.

Sue received an invitation to speak at TEDxWomen - an offshoot of the hugely successful TED talks, the conference was held in Washington DC in late November. The video was uploaded to and within a couple of weeks it had received over 380,000 views and many, many invitations to speak with press, deliver talks and perform all over the world. The underwater wheelchair spent a few months in storage whilst we reflected and evaluated on the busiest, most exciting year for Freewheeling so far.

As I write this we are currently flying over the northern Africa, on our way to Camel Dive Club in the heart of Sharm el Sheikh for what has become known as 'Egypt 4' within the Freewheeling team. As we just pass over the entrance to the Suez Canal we look forward to another 6 days filming in the Red Sea.

This time we are experimenting with 3D and new 360 degree technology. We have a team of 5 flying from the UK, Sue, Rob, our dive instructor, Dan our new videographer and Ben, who we met out in Sharm on the first trip. More updates to follow...

Trish Wheatley is Director of Disability Arts Online and Co-producer for Freewheeling.

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19 March 2013

'Creating the Spectacle!' is such an amazing project. I did enjoy Sue's TEDx talk and, sitting in Salisbury Arts Centre Gallery between video streams of Sue gliding through shoals of fish and dancing in bubble curtains (exhibiting in 'People Like You'), I'm looking forward to hearing more about Sue's work at 'From the Personal to the Universal' - the Symposium here:

on 10th April.