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Egypt 4 - Day 2 / 21 March 2013

Sue Austin in red Creating the spectacle T-shirt, in front of Camel Dive Centre

Sue is happy after day 2 filming in the Red Sea

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Yesterday evening when we got back from the boat Sue and I received a Skype call from a producer who works for Dutch Public Television. Sue is to be profiled on a half hour programme called 'The Walk'. The crew of three will be arriving on Friday evening and coming for a day's filming on Saturday. Today I am keeping in mind the most appropriate sites to take them to experience a typical day and some great dives. 

We went to two new sites today: Ras Bob and White Knight. With relief and excitement Sue found the right combination of weight distribution and motor batteries with the 'chair, experiencing a feeling that she says is hard to beat!

Success occurred with the 360 rig performing well and without leaks. The camera operator (that's me!) on the 360 rig could do with a bit more practice! Remaining neutrally buoyant in the water is the number one priority, keeping the pole that holds the rig vertical, avoiding camera shake, not turning too abruptly, not colliding with the coral and keeping up with Sue are all factors I have to constantly be aware of when filming. 

Dan's turn and with an alteration to the Eyemirror 360 camera mount onto the pole we are all keen to see the results. He also shot some more 3D and SLR footage. On the second dive at White Knight there was exciting coral formations with lots of life and as Dan was on camera duty I took the opportunity to explore down a gully between the coral reef with instructor Rob to do my first proper deep dive to 32 metres. Got to get a bit of training in when time allows! 

Back at Camel with other divers looking back on the day and it was clear Sue had found a really great set up for the 'chair when she exclaimed "I had an amazing day in the 'chair! We stopped to make some adjustments and it just went zing and I could get into loop-the-loops! I was screaming in my reg because it was so fantastic!" 

We have downloaded some software to enable the computer to view files from the cameras used on the 3D underwater rig, but haven't yet put the video on the timeline to view it. More of the Nikon SLR footage is absolutely stunning, with the change of a filter the colours have zapped up a notch and the saturation in the coral, fish and Sue's wheelchair are really beginning to sing. We have another new site tomorrow and the possibility of using the bubble curtain which features at the beginning of 'Creating the Spectacle!' Online - Part 2 - Finding the Flame.  Exciting stuff! More to follow…

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