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Egypt 4 - Day 4 / 23 March 2013

Sue reviews footage with Dan on the boat with the underwater camera in her hands

Sue reviews footage with Dan Image: Trish Wheatley

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This week is going so quick! I think it must be a combination of knowing what to expect and the fact that we don't have olympic deadlines looming. Today we had two absolutely wonderful dives at Ras Nas Rani. It's on a headland about 30 minutes boat ride from Naama Bay where the jetty is. It's more relaxed when we have a longer boat ride in the morning, there is more time to get set up and plan the first dive, reviewing footage if necessary.

In the first dive of the day I was stunned by the beauty of the location, with a slight current there is so much more life, so many fish, more than in any other location on all four filming trips. This was also the longest dive for me, in the water for an hour at the same time I did the skills on the deep dive for the advanced course.

Again, we had a combination of equipment to film Sue with me on the 360 going first. It was Dan's DSLR that really captured the jaw dropping shots here though with the colours on the reef and sheer mass of different varieties of fish. As we surface Dan jokes with us that he's had a phone call already and is writing his award speech now!

In between the dives Dan tells us many interesting and insightful stories, some magical and some illustrating the more hazardous elements of diving. What strikes me is the amount of experience he has in all kinds of underwater situations. That experience is very clearly evidenced in the footage we have captured over the last few days.

Here at Camel it's easy to make new friends quickly, we all have a shared passion for diving and at the dive centre it's a very social space, particularly if there's a talking point like the underwater wheelchair. We've discovered another potential Freewheeling member, Simon Woodward an events manager from London. We met him on the bus from the airport on the first day. "When Sue described it to me I formed a picture in my mind of what the 'chair looks like and that was fairly accurate but I wasn't expecting what she did with it! I was more than surprised, I was impressed and in awe of it. I found myself wanting to know more and wanting to get involved. I also wondered whether my skills could be of any use. In a short time I have grown a huge belief in the project and Sue's ability to inspire others."

Simon is volunteering on our boat tomorrow so he will get to be involved in the filming process first hand. We also have the Dutch film crew arriving in the morning so it's going to be a busy but exciting one. I can't believe there's only two days diving left already, we'll just have to make the most of it while we can.

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