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Egypt 4 - Day 5 / 24 March 2013

Sue in red t-shirt talks to tall man in stripey t-shirt with big tv camera in foreground

Sue being interviewed by Dutch TV

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This was always going to be a different day. I woke up an hour before the alarm and got up to charge Sue's video camera and type up the blog from day 4. The Dutch TV crew arrived on time and we made our introductions: Pascala, the producer, Sander the presenter and Jim the cameraman. Sander is a keen diver so the programĀ De Wandeling which airs on channel 2 in Holland is a great match for the project. We encountered problems at the jetty as the police wouldn't allow the big camera to be taken on board Wasser. Negotiations took what seemed like an age and unfortunately we didn't succeed. So we filmed a short piece from the shore and then boarded with only a small handheld camera borrowed from Dan's 3D rig.

We decided to return to Ras Katy because it is the location featured in 'Creating the Spectacle!' Online - Part 1 Finding Freedom. This would allow Sue to give Sander the tour around the area with lots of orange anthea fish for Dan to film through. As we traveled by boat to the site we had a traditional Freewheeling team initiation for Simon, who we'd invited to join us on the boat for the day. He received one of our red t-shirts from Sue and promptly received joke orders for tea and coffee from the rest of the team as his first job!

It was great to arrive back at Ras Katy, the surrounding landscape is very familiar, having completed so many of our dives in 2012 at this particular site. As the Dutch filmed Sue getting ready a handful of us stood at the bow of the boat watching an osprey (or sea eagle in Egypt) swooping over the water. It's a magnificent creature.

We had the dive briefing, which for Ben, Simon and I was simple, keep out of shot! Sue and Sander would enter the water together and then take an underwater walk around the site. When we surfaced 10 minutes after the end of the shoot had finished the atmosphere was good and I could see it had been a successful dive. The TV crew were keen to get back to dry land so that they could use their camera kit for filming the main interview with Sue. This meant we weren't able to get a second dive in so after lunch we headed back to Camel.

Sue was exhausted from the physical and mental energy it takes to perform and explain the 'chair. After a very short rest and some location scouting Sue, the TV crew and Tamer as translator went off for two and a half hours to film 'the walk' interview whilst the rest of us had an afternoon to relax. I finally uploaded a couple of photos to my blog and put out the links through social media.

It was a good but very different day. We weren't the ones driving and directing the work, which felt very strange. Still, one more day of filming for Sue's new footage. More 360 video, stills and much more to fit in...

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