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Egypt 4 - Day 6 / 25 March 2013

woman in wheelchair underwater in tropical sea with arms stretched out and coral in the background

Sue performs at Ras Bob Image: Dan Burton / Freewheeling

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Today is the day we need to get the final shots in the bag. We are back at Ras Bob and in the first dive have completed another 360 shoot. This time it was more challenging for me because the seabed slopes away with a fairly steep gradient and I have to remain at a level depth for the first part of the dive as Sue launches up from the sandy area and performs between two large coral heads. I use my dive computer on my wrist to monitor my depth carefully. It's a challenge for Sue as well because if the coral gets hit by the chair it will die. She did it brilliantly even with the limited vision caused by her performing without a mask. The instructors at Camel are very impressed by her ability to stay in the sea for so long without the use of a mask.

We have reviewed the footage and are pleased with the results. Sue's take off with the camera behind the 'chair works very well, we've now captured this with several different cameras. I was given time off on the second dive of the day and the final dive of this trip. Sue and Dan took the opportunity to try some new angles, a fish eye lens and a couple of other adjustments to the last shots in still and video. We all lament the week passing so quickly, particularly as the weather reports at home couldn't be more opposite to the restorative warmth and sunshine we've experienced in Sharm el Sheikh.

After the second dive we had a serious packing up session with everything in bags and boxes before leaving the boat. We thanked the excellent crew of Wasser and they now display a poster of Sue on the boat, which I'm sure will start many conversations! I snapped a few more documentary photos as we disembarked and walked up the jetty and back to Camel for the final time this trip. The Dutch TV crew returned to pick up the hard-driveĀ  and film some linking shots with Sue.

At 7pm Sue was still showing footage to new people who had heard about the project. The amount of interest in the underwater wheelchair still surprises me sometimes but then I look at the footage, and their reactions and I see why. There's still so many people in this world who haven't seen it yet and that is precisely the reason to continue to develop and tour this project. It works on so many levels as art to challenge peoples' preconceptions, to open up their thinking. We continue on the Freewheeling adventure - next stop Salisbury Arts Centre for the symposium From the Personal to the Universal and then straight to Washington DC for Sue's talk at TEDMED. Exciting and busy times ahead!