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As well as being the director of DAO, Trish is also the project manager and co-producer for Freewheeling, the organisation producing Sue Austin's Unlimited commission 'Creating the Spectacle!' Here she blogs about her experiences of this ambitious, underwater wheelchair project.

Egypt 4 - Day 5

24 March 2013


Sue in red t-shirt talks to tall man in stripey t-shirt with big tv camera in foreground

This was always going to be a different day. I woke up an hour before the alarm and got up to charge Sue's video camera and type up the blog from day 4. The Dutch TV crew arrived on time and we made our introductions: Pascala, the producer, Sander the presenter and Jim the cameraman. Sander is a keen diver so the program De Wandeling which airs on channel 2 in Holland is a great match for the project. We encountered problems at the jetty as the police wouldn't allow the big camera to be taken...

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Egypt 4 - Day 4

23 March 2013


Sue reviews footage with Dan on the boat with the underwater camera in her hands

This week is going so quick! I think it must be a combination of knowing what to expect and the fact that we don't have olympic deadlines looming. Today we had two absolutely wonderful dives at Ras Nas Rani. It's on a headland about 30 minutes boat ride from Naama Bay where the jetty is. It's more relaxed when we have a longer boat ride in the morning, there is more time to get set up and plan the first dive, reviewing footage if necessary. In the first dive of the day I was...

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Egypt 4 - Day 3

22 March 2013


Divers underwater: In foreground Trish holds the 360 rig, Sue in chair in background with other divers

Today is the day we need to start capturing some great shots. For the new films we are working with four different types of technology so we tend to try to get in the water for about half an hour at a time, splitting the dive into ten minute sections so we've been able to use 3 of the different camera rigs in any session. It's now just after lunch and we've been reviewing footage on the laptop from Dan's Nikon DSLR. The light and colours are beautiful so we plan to return to...

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Egypt 4 - Day 2

21 March 2013


Sue Austin in red Creating the spectacle T-shirt, in front of Camel Dive Centre

Yesterday evening when we got back from the boat Sue and I received a Skype call from a producer who works for Dutch Public Television. Sue is to be profiled on a half hour programme called 'The Walk'. The crew of three will be arriving on Friday evening and coming for a day's filming on Saturday. Today I am keeping in mind the most appropriate sites to take them to experience a typical day and some great dives.  We went to two new sites today: Ras Bob and White Knight. With...

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Egypt 4 - Day 1

20 March 2013


Tiny almost see-through fish colonise a coral pinnacle

We arrived last night just as night fell over Sharm el Sheikh. Sue and I were so excited to see we would be back on Wasser (our dive boat for Egypt 1&3) with Cath and Tamer, our Egypt-based Freewheeling team members. As we sat outside the front of the hotel we reflected on being back, it's beginning to feel like another home here. Today is test day. It is a chance to make sure everything is set correctly on the underwater wheelchair and that the cameras are operating as expected....

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Trish jets off to Egypt with Sue Austin

19 March 2013


Orange sunset taken over silhouetted desert from airplane

It's been 7 months since 'Creating the Spectacle!' was featured as part of the Unlimited Festival at London's Southbank Centre. It's about time I gave an update on what's been happening with Sue Austin and the Freewheeling team, rest assured we have not been idle. Sue returned to her MA at Plymouth University in early September without a break having received so much international press and media interest in 'Creating the Spectacle!'. We set aside the Autumn to...

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