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As well as being the director of DAO, Trish is also the project manager and co-producer for Freewheeling, the organisation producing Sue Austin's Unlimited commission 'Creating the Spectacle!' Here she blogs about her experiences of this ambitious, underwater wheelchair project.

Freewheeling gets into the hot seat with NASA's Mission Control

11 December 2013


Our next ‘pinch me’ moment was mission control. The public tour takes a look at historic Mission Control, which was used for the Gemini and Apollo missions. Following that we then had the privilege of being shown the actual, live mission control. Similarly laid out, with several projection screens monitoring live information being beamed from the ISS, it was interesting to note that the work stations are now all on a wheelchair accessible level floor area, rather than the previous...

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Freewheeling leaps into space at NASA

9 December 2013


photo of Trish Wheatley and underwater wheelchair artist Sue Austin pictured with astronaut Kate Rubins in her space suit

Sue Austin’s latest project, ‘In at the Deep End USA’ takes Freewheeling to the States to develop links with potential partners across the arts and sciences, exploring new opportunities to propel ‘Creating the Spectacle!’ and the underwater wheelchair into new dimensions. In 2012 we literally were thrown in at the deep end with how the artwork took off. This is our chance to capitalise on the approaches and connections that have been made since the Unlimited...

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