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'Lessons have been learnt' my arse! Dear God what is this evil that you've done? / 27 August 2014

Lovely soundbite there from a robotic public servant!  (Indeed a top banking exec used the same phrase apologising for his major high street bank's cock ups!) 

The need to tick boxes, be PC (not the constable type), meet targets resulting in closed doors, dirt swept under the carpet not cleaned from the floor? 

And get quite a tidy sum to boot which begs the question 'are people in charge in it for the money?'  'cause it ain't the love!  Is this a significant factor why those beautiful children were ignored?  Because they are beautiful, they are brave, they were let down and deserve the highest apology in the land.

Reactionary?  Me?  Hell Yeah!!  But I've been here before and will carry on, so not quite so!  I did learn from Mr Colin Hambrook's first poem in Knitting time - about Andy Warhol's repetitive pictures - penny dropped for me!

Victims repeatedly went to the Police and Social Services written off as a 'prostitute' at 12 after being groomed, kidnapped, trafficked, gang raped, doused with petrol, passed around like a rag doll.  What kind of country are we living in?  One girl of 12 was arrested as drunk and disorderly in a house with five adult men! 

It begs the question 'are these people in charge gutless, scared of being labelled racist or indeed perverted beings themselves?'  Well, as long as the poor perpetrators are looked after and understood eh?  Fuck Off!! 

These people are manipulative, shrewd, evil, conspirators, nasty, without conscience and know exactly what they are doing.  Karma is too long a shot, get 'em now!

To hear foreign men and women in this country calling English girls 'easy' make me fucking seethe!!!  Is there anywhere else in the world where the indigenous people are used as a doormat?  Where the last bastion of legal racism against the indigneous population is waived continually?

But of course while our authorities, children's homes, family members, friends abuse us then it's a free for all!

When is exploitation going to stop in this country?  We're always hearing about stories of good deeds done to help third world plights - excellent !  But what about the lost kids here?  It's time this country woke up and acted.

It is hard to believe this crap is still happening in the 21st century but it is.  How truly shocked do people have to be?

If we could get out the stories of all the dehumanisation that has gone on in our time into a book it would replace the bible, the kuran, the torah, the bhagavad gita with unbelievable stories.

Stop pussyfooting around and being scaredy cats and SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

If you've had your pride crushed

If you've had your name trashed

If you've been petrol doused

If you've been threatened with violence

If you've been beaten

If you've been ignored by the police

If you've been arrested drunk and disorderly when you're 12 in the company of five adult men

If you've been passed off as a wanderer so no worries when you disappear from the 'Home' for a week

If you've been passed around a gang of 'men' like a sex toy

If you've been imprisoned

If you've been trafficked

If you've survived all this then you are not White Trash my friend - you are a superior human being!

Wake up Britain - White Trash Unite - Rotherham is a Wake Up Call!

Sluts, Slags, Slappers, Trash, CHAVS, Whoors

From towns to cities from hills to moors

Kids are treated like dirt

From Working Class to Under Class

Can they put us down any more?

Bequeath us with beneath

On our wreath


Well RIP that bollox up and start again

Let's wReakious havoc In Pace!!