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July sketches / 4 August 2015

I have been making the most of our changing British weather, although I love a clear sunny day, for artwork purposes, the moody changes can also be exciting. My mobility has been poor for a couple of weeks, so I have been grabbing moments outside, working in my sketchbooks direct from the landscape, rather than the long sessions in my studio.

It is always good to return to source as an artist, but I feel this is even more important when your art is used for more than expression. I talk a lot about the therapeutic quality of creating art, but also getting outside, experience nature first hand and embrace the clement and the stormy weather. This is surely a good metaphor for life in general and it’s the reason I love Landscape painting.

Turner used the drama of nature to explore the turbulent nature of man, and I believe that our relationship with the seasonal changes is deep and systemic. I use it both as expression and as a holistic management of my mental health, and subsequently, my physical health tends to follow.

I have trips and holidays planned to explore our wonderful country, as well as more typical family holidays. No doubt they will take some toll on my energy and mobility, but ultimately the payoff will be enormous for my long term wellbeing.

Please fisit my Facebook page, where there are more of my recent sketches. I shall also share some on the DAO Facebook page.

Thank you

Keywords: landscape painting,watercolour


Alan Hopwood

14 August 2015

Hi Colin, I have been working on a series from Haworth, but this isn't one of them. This comes from the Wirrell, looking across to north wales. the painting uses acrylics and emulsions (which are easier to sand back) which are painted over collaged surface. This is probably why it looks layered. it was a small painting (as most of mine are when working directly outside)and has been scanned and enlarged using special software (Perfect resize 7 from OnOne )I would probably have cleaned up and boosted some of the colour in this process but digital interference is minimal. I have used this image in other digital works however, merging it with photographic textures. Alan x

Colin Hambrook

10 August 2015

Alan - is this painting of Haworth Moor? How did you go about making this image? It looks like a more straightforward watercolour, but I wondered if elements of it have been rendered through digital processes?