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White Horse 2016 / 1 March 2016

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I have been struggling with my new project, and with my health. The combination of which were causing me some anxiety. So I have taken a slight step back, not putting so much pressure on myself, and remembering to allow the therapeutic nature of my creative practice to return.

My first trip out for a while was shared with a friend, which always adds to the pleasure of the day, and he showed me some basic video techniques. This was my first attempt at video and I have to say, it was a very relaxing experience whilst out in the sun. I have edited it a bit and placed an audio with it. It uses fragments of sounds from various sources, and it hopefully adds to the abstracted imagery that appears in the video. If anyone would like to view this it is on Youtube, if you search my name or use this link.        

As far as painting goes, I am progressing with my new ideas but nothing of note has presented itself yet and I am not trying to force it. I have given myself some time off, to produce an image of two just for the fun of it, and “White horse” 2016 is the image shown here.

As you can see, it plays with my love of texture and abstract gesture, along with no small dose of metaphor, but it was mostly done just to distract me from a long period of immobility and enjoy the world outside. I am fortunate enough to live in the beautiful south Leicestershire countryside with it’s rolling hills and the Welland valley.

It is the first time in ages that I have included figures (human or animal) in an image, I usually focus upon the mood set by the light in the landscape, I hope with this, the figures give a focal point and allow the viewer a “way in” to the work and the other ideas that present.

As always, I really appreciate any comments, either about the video or “White horse”.


Colin Hambrook

24 May 2016

I love the textures and the light in the video Alan - but is the sound meant to be like that? It plays as a staccato noise and I'm not sure if that is meant to signify anything?