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Currently based at artspace in Coventry, David Beaumont creates installation-based sculpture; video and photography. This gallery shows a selection of his work, featured at the MA show at Coventry University in 2013.

photo of artist David Beaumont wearing mickey mouse ears against a white background

David Beaumont from Blood Runs Gold (c) David Beaumont

Beaumont's sculptural installation Blood Runs Gold was accompanied by a surreal art film referencing Michael Douglas’ performance in the 1993 crime drama Falling Down and George Romero’s Day of the Dead with its cast of zombies intent on consuming fast food, shoes and clothing.

As a child of the Thatcher era, Beaumont’s art is influenced by his experiences of recession. Running through the disparate elements of the work is a critique of Capitalism and the current state of things re the running down of our cities at the expense of the over-development of shopping facilities. 

Lately Beaumont has concentrated on making a series of drawings and photographs of rundown buildings and housing estates. Images of London, Stoke, Liverpool and Nuneaton show bleak, boarded up streets and bare expanses of road and green space. These images are identifiable as picturesque yet they explore ruination and illustrate the breakdown of values in terms of inner-city development, which have largely dispossessed the people they are meant to serve.

Some of Beaumont’s initial work featured two hats: the first of these was a bowler hat that signified imperial and colonial attitudes, whilst the second was a Stetson that is the iconic symbol of the cowboy. These two hats are covered in stained and discoloured money to signify the dark and murky side of our financial and political system.