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Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, filmmaker, poet, performer, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. She has 8 published books since 2002; has taken on performance roles at The Young Vic, the Royal Festival Hall, and around Europe; undertaken a poetry tour; won a poetry award from Poet Laureate Andrew Motion; directed two plays and several TV films; and performed spoken word at City Hall and Oxford University.

Dolly Sen asks 'Is it all a game?'

13 July 2011



 Today, I swore in a job interview and cried at a one legged pigeon because I have a bit of PMT at the moment.  I also produced this work of art. Or am I just playing a game? My bemused brother watched me create it. He offered the suggestion that the hammer and sickle is both a circle and a cross, so there is no clear winner. The crosses we bear and the noughts we become.   Maybe I should just take primose oil and stop asking questions and patronising one legged pigeons.  ...

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Dolly Sen writes a letter to a CCTV Camera

5 October 2010


  Dear Poor Lonely CCTV Camera, Do you ever get the feeling you are missing the point? That the cameras are pointing the wrong way? That the people who enforced your use are the ones who should be scrutinised? Are your circuits infringing our rights willingly, or is your will remote controlled - like ours? The world isn't black and white. We are not black and white. Are you sad that you are not watching a flower grow, or the sun setting on an ocean? You see people laughing, but are...

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Dolly Sen on Soap and Sync

14 August 2010


Hey guys, sorry for the delay in the blogging. It is ironic that at the Sync SouthEast event on the 21 July I said you should keep updating your blog regularly... it should be as regular as Eastenders. Well, I haven't kept it up because my life has actually become Eastenders. The Sync South East event was amazing, uplifting and a definite though-provoker, because the event was on the day the government announced 50% cuts in the arts. I wish the Government ministers involved...

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Dolly Sen writes a one-off blog for Mind

27 March 2010


My one-off blog for Mind about access to psychological therapies gives an opinion on supporting Mind’s 'We Need to Talk' campaign.

Let me know what you think?

At the moment I am mostly thinking why He-man had a girl's hairstyle?


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Dolly Sen responds to the first day of Spring - time to get busy!

2 March 2010


Oooo, the sun came out yesterday. I feel energised and buzzing like new batteries in a vibrator. My productivity over the winter months goes down, and I don't really feel like myself. You can tell the sun did me good because I had a busy day and didn't feel like I was climbing Mount Everest. The three things I did were: I spoke at the launch of Mind's 'We Need To Talk' campaign to ensure people using mental health services have a choice of treatment, and that if they want psychological...

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Dolly Sen will be reading from a tree top in Regents Park, London!

27 August 2009


Survivor's poetry and music - Mad Chicks and the Bath Mad Hatters Budding Hub Gallery, Fri 28th August 2009 6:00pm - 8:00pm A multi-faceted cornucopia of readings, talks and sound performances around the works of those who have suffered from mental illness from Mad Chicks and the Bath Mad Hatters. Mad Chicks is about women psychiatric patients and survivors of the psychiatric system. The movement developed from within Mad Pride, a user-led mental health civil rights movement, committed to...

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