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Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, filmmaker, poet, performer, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. She has 8 published books since 2002; has taken on performance roles at The Young Vic, the Royal Festival Hall, and around Europe; undertaken a poetry tour; won a poetry award from Poet Laureate Andrew Motion; directed two plays and several TV films; and performed spoken word at City Hall and Oxford University.


20 December 2008


Hey there people, hope xmas was good to you. 'You can't be healed unless you feel' is a documentary we made for a university project. It is about an amazing musician called Stephanie who has asperger's. I was so fed up with the misconception that people with Asperger's were not capable of empathy, that I made a film with some friends from uni challenging that view. We were told we had to provide an expert for the film, ie a psychiatrist or psychologist but we chose not to because because...

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1 December 2008


Dolly Sen Xmas Card

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in blogging, but lots of things have been happening that has made it difficult to write. The final week of uni were full of assessments, I had a bout of flu, and some winter blues all thrown into the mix. One of the uni assessments I had to do was a lot of fun though. For my sound arts presentation, I played my guitar with my tiger-print vibrator. I was so into playing, I didn't see the stunned open mouth of my tutor. I hope he gives me an A. I thought I was being...

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