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Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, filmmaker, poet, performer, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. She has 8 published books since 2002; has taken on performance roles at The Young Vic, the Royal Festival Hall, and around Europe; undertaken a poetry tour; won a poetry award from Poet Laureate Andrew Motion; directed two plays and several TV films; and performed spoken word at City Hall and Oxford University.

Gestures of Resilience

16 March 2015


Gestures of Resilience Event

On 24th March I will be performing at the London College of Communication.  The blurb for it says:  Gestures of Resilience" is inspired by exceptional people, individuals with a gift of life beyond the narrow definition of 'the norm'. This event celebrates their knowledge and experience through personal and creative 'gestures of resilience'. Using film, performance and autobiographical presentations for and by people with experience of alternative inner vision,...

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hug this blog

12 March 2015


Hug Me Book

 I created art about an awkward relationship between reader and book where every page says 'hug me'.

Don't feel awkward enough? 

Hug this blog. Go on, put your arms around it...

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The Bored's Prayer

7 March 2015


Psychiatric Flow Chart

Reading Jane McCormick's blog 'Give us our Daily Meds' inspired me to re-write the Lord's Prayer. I don't have delusions of grandeur, but psychiatry does: Our psychiatry Who would section heaven Hallowed by thy name My freedom gone Thy will be done Force and restraint, let's forget compassion Give us this day our daily meds And forgive not our differences As we submit to those who trespass against us Lead us into painful sensation and mental castration Forever and...

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'Help the Normals' with £3 a month

7 March 2015


help the normals website

Am working hard on my favourite charity case 'Help the Normals' by setting up a website.

They are a group of people who do not garner much sympathy, but I think need so much help, the poor bastards. They lack insight and need rehabilitation, and I am the person to do it!


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