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Colin Hambrook established Disability Arts Online in 2004. Since then he has been editing and maintaining the journal and its social media outlets. In his blog he comments on aspects of stuff going in within Disability Arts and the specific arts programmes Dao is engaged with.. as well being known to vent the occasional rant.

The Press continues to pick up on the BAFTA fiasco

17 February 2008


It seems that the Guardian (Friday 15 February) has taken up our cause by publishing a very erudite piece by Mat Fraser championing disability film - ie film made by disabled people about disability. He cuts to the chase explaining exactly why we are fed up with Hollywood's persistent patronising, demeaning and sickly portrayals of disability. Mat lists some of his pet hates. Top of my list has to be 'A Beautiful Mind' starring Russell Crowe as a schizophrenic who has clearly watched 'Rainman'...

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BAFTA bans screening of one of X'08 films

4 February 2008


When I sit down to write, it is rare that I know exactly what I’m going to say or how I’m going to frame it. I’ve run circles around myself over the last week thinking and making notes on scraps of paper [usually a pretty hopeless exercise as the notebook invariably gets lost]. I’m torn between issues and feelings. The fact is that I’m very cut up about the cutting of LDAF. I know that it has been struggling – like most if not all disability-led...

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