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The Live Art Development Agency launch a book and DVD of Katherine Araniello's 'Dinner Party Revisited' / 17 September 2015

There are only a few days left to view Katherine Araniello’s ‘Dinner Party Revisited’ on the Live Art Development Agencies ‘LADA Screens’ platform. The audio-described version of the Dinner Party Revisited is a good example of using creative description to add another layer within a work of art  - taking it beyond documentation and allying with the performance’s intention to use humour to convey subversive ideas.

The describer comes alive as another ‘invisible’ guest at the party, using her role to add nuances in describing the interactions between the host Katherine, her butler, the PA and the BSL interpreter. As the party unfolds, Katherine and the butler invite their ’guests’ , a series of on-screen incarnations of Katherine; conceptual portraits of disabled people.

LADA who have been producing Katherine’s work have launched a book of essays about Katherine’s work with a DVD of the live art piece, which was originally staged in the Purcell Room at the Southbank Centre a year ago. Sophie Partridge described the Dinner Party Revisited as “slapstick, served up with hints of past comedy genius: touches of a Peter Cook and Dudley Moore style interplay between Katherine and `the PA’!”

Mik Scarlett also reviewed the piece in the Huffington Post as: “an anarchic art performance with a serious heart. While the audience laughs as the show rushes forward at break neck speed we unconsciously find our preconceptions and stereotypes challenged by references to the real day to day experiences of disabled people. Each nightmare 'guest' is a hideous caricature of people every disabled audience member knows all too well. No one is safe. Paralympians, disability activists, professional victims, charity loving celebs…”

In an interview, Unlimited producer Jo Verrent “loved the audacity of Katharine Araniello’s piece, The Dinner Party Revisited. It’s political, in your face, raw, edgy live art.”

A 46 min edit of the AD version of the film will be live until midnight on 23rd September on the LADA Screens channel.

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John Spain

2 October 2015

Katherine's piece is uproariously funny. It's still available on the LADA site so have a look if you haven't watched it already