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My practice is concerned with the fabric of life, the DNA of our personal and cultural experiences. I am a processed based artist who uses a range of media to explore issues relating to genetic screening and future representations of self. 'Distinctive Not Alien' is a research and development project funded by Arts Council intending to explore how socially engaged arts practice can create opportunities for public debate about genetic screening.

Science and Art; Building a Dialogue of Trust

31 May 2015


A canvas with pixelated digital marks depicting the holes within a woven structure with paint layered like a bar code

So at this juncture, when I am re-establishing my practice, I thought it pertinent to take a moment to reflect on my interest in genetics and some of the projects that have occurred over the last few years.  One thing in particular I wanted to re-visit was a proposed project called Resonant Frequency, in which DAO was a key partner.   This was a project which was developed during 2008 in partnership with ITHACA and Science Oxford and although was unsuccessful in achieving funding, it...

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