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My practice is concerned with the fabric of life, the DNA of our personal and cultural experiences. I am a processed based artist who uses a range of media to explore issues relating to genetic screening and future representations of self. 'Distinctive Not Alien' is a research and development project funded by Arts Council intending to explore how socially engaged arts practice can create opportunities for public debate about genetic screening.

Pandora's Box

16 February 2016


An image of a 1950's style woman holding a baby in her arms floats over a woven structure and chromosomes with the text reading I would absolutely stick with the life i've got because that's made me who I am.

It is timely that as my R&D period draws to a close, the findings of Dr Felicity Boardman’s research looking at support for screening of SMA (my condition) are also published. Through my discussions with artists, researchers and museum staff, some key themes have emerged. There are inherent challenges associated with choice when we are asked to make value judgments on human life from...

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