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This blog charters my journey as I break into music conducting. Each article will look at different aspects of my journey; sometimes providing resources should others want to develop their musicality. The aim is also to make sense as to why this journey is happening now and to pinpoint its conception.

The Physicality of Conducting

7 March 2016


A black and white photograph of composer and conductor James Rose, in profile, with his specially designed head baton attached to his glasses. He is set against a brick wall

Whilst at the Royal Academy of Music, I have learnt many things. Whilst watching a conducting student practicing and being taught by Sian Edwards (RA Head of Conducting), you’ll often see the other conducting students moving their hands and or batons in the air internalising the instruction and music. At first, I was hesitant to join with the worry of looking crazy when moving my head.  However, I soon overcame this nonsense paving the way for some real analysis and learning. Almost...

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