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Not half right / 15 April 2014

Living with a neurological disorder that involves head pain there are many times when I don't feel quit right. Sometimes it's from pain and the general sense of brain disorder that goes with the territory and sometimes it's from the depression that is also part of the package.

'She/he is not half right' is a popular Irish saying to describe someone who has mental health issues but there are others that work equally well like 'Bad with the nerves' or 'Not all there' or, my particular favourite, 'There's just a little want..' Anything to avoid using the dreaded word Depression.

There are special delivery techniques for these sayings... they can either be whispered through a cupped hand or better still, the even less subtle 'out of the side of the mouth' method... best delivered with a knowing nod and wink towards the poor soul who happens to be 'not half right'.