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Housewife headache. Digital image on bone china plate. / 27 August 2014

Digital image on bone china plate.

Housewife headache. Digital image on bone china plate.

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I love this vintage advertisement for the treatment of a condition known as ' Housewife headache' so it just had to become part of my Sick Selfie series. It seems that all these these years I thought my permanent headache and fatigue was as a result of a neurological condition when really it was just caused by  'boredom and emotional fatigue'. Who knew?

The advert  goes on to say.....'making beds, getting meals, acting as family chauffeur, tiresome work day after day- is a mild form of torture. These boring but necessary tasks can bring on nervous tension, fatigue and what is now known as housewife headache'.  It ends with....'see if you don't feel better all over with a brighter outlook after taking 2 Anacin tablets'. 

Where, oh where can I get this wonder drug cure for boredom, pain, cooking, cleaning, driving, tension, torture, fatigue and bed making.....

I want to feel better and have a brighter outlook and I want it now!!!!!