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The worry box. / 3 December 2015

Earlier this year I attended a group CBT course for Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Years of chronic pain and the associated depression and fatigue has taken its toll and I am now what my older neighbours might call 'Bad with the Nerves'. That description, old fashioned as it, pretty much nails it. Keeping on top of it is a work in progress.

One of the techniques we used on the course is 'Worry Time' where you sit for 15 minutes every day, write down all your worries and troubleshoot them with the CBT tool kit. Over the past 5 months I have single handedly used up a small rainforest of paper and drained several wells worth of ink dry. Dreaming up things to make from the produce of all this anxiety passes the time and diverts me from the sad pointlessness of most of my worries.

In the beginning I tore them up and put them in glass jars for possible use in a papier-mâché sculpture. As this could only happen in a parallel universe where I still have the energy for such noble pursuits I have started to keep them nice and neat in this box instead. I hate the worries but I like the look of the worry box. Go figure.